The Coolidge Effect

So what is The Coolidge Effect really all about? The following report includes some fascinating information about The Coolidge Effect--info you can use, not just the old stuff they used to tell you.

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The brain responds to a process known as the "Coolidge Effect" which is studied using mice. When a male rat is placed in a cage with a female rat there is a sexual intercourse marathon. The male progressively tires of that particular female but when a new female is put into the cage he becomes very "excited" again. The male rat will always become excited with each new female he is introduced to until he dies from sex exhaustion. The driving force behind the male's behavior is a brain chemical called dopamine. No other drug on earth can come close to releasing the dopamine that sex does because our body is driven carry our genes onto the next generation.

Just as the rat loses interest in each female the human brain loses interest in each pornographic video because it is wired to find a new rush to raise the dopamine levels to match the first visual images seen. This becomes extremely harmful because the brain requires something more and more extreme to get that high feeling. When compared to drugs this is known as developing a tolerance that requires a bigger dose. When this tolerance is acquired the user begins to severely alter dopamine levels in the brain which make joy almost impossible to feel. The fascinating observation is that the addiction starts with pornographic but after enough content a man has a hard time finding joy in anything in life.

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